2016 Video Book Proceedings

Connecting the Dots to Foster Innovation and Talent
Joyce Hansen
Environmental Monitoring/Controls
Environmental Monitoring - Industry Challenges
Anil Sawant
Can We Resist the Assumption: Is there Any Way Environmental Monitoring Correlates to Product Bioburden?
Terra Kremer
Fungal Monitoring and Control in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Areas
Tony Cundell
Risk Based Environmental Monitoring and Sterility Assurance
David Hussong
Aseptic Processing Industry Challenges
Innovative Method for Evaluating Risk in Aseptic Processing
Hal Baseman
Robotics in Process Automation: Present and Future
Sergio Mauri
Terminal Sterilization
Terminal Sterilization (Industry Challenges): Now and in the Future
Mary K. Logan
Sterility Assurance: Science, Risk, and Recommendations for The Future
Eamonn Hoxey
Parametric Release for Terminally Sterilized Drug Products
Mike Sadowskio
World Health
Personnel & Sterility Assurance 2020
Innovation Processes
Overcoming Sterilization Obstacles for Complex Devices
Sean Hanley
Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Surfaces Terminal Sterilization Under Deep Vacuum
Juha Mattila
Introduction of Technological Innovations to Improve Sterility Assurance in Vaccines Manufacturing
Antoine Akar
Reprocessing: Single & Multiple Use
Post-Surgical Complications Tied to Non-Microbial Residuals Left on Surgical Devices
Wava Truscott
Device Reprocessing: The Past, Present and Perspectives for the Future
Gerald McDonnell
Closing Remarks
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