2022 Video Book Proceedings

Opening Session
Challenging the Status Quo
Improving Foundational Science and Championing Standardization through Publicationnce and championing standardization through publication
Emily Craven
Navigating Regulatory Expectations for Products and Processes that Deviate from Traditional Microbiological Practices
Jessica Chiaruttini
Real World vs Worst Case
Measurements - Are they Appropriate?
Establishing a Relationship Between an RMM Analyte and The CFU
Terra Kremer
Comparative Resistance Studies of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus
Shruti Padhee
Kilmer Collaboration Teams: Delivering Value K2K
Adapting to Change
Shifting Paradigms
Overcoming Hurdles
Qualification of X-ray sterilization of single-use Bioprocess Systems
James Hatchcock
Current Opinions in Microbial Measurement- Rapid Versus Traditional (cfu based) Methods
Miguel Nogueras
Awards Gala Dinner
Real Time Release
Think Differently, Act Differently
Poster Awards and Closing Remarks